World Link’s Enhancement PAL Program

World Link's programs are scholarship based cross-cultural exchange programs that involve more than being visitors from another country. Our role is to provide opportunities for you to thrive while in the USA by observing and experiencing the culture, lifestyles, diversity, and official structures during your exchange year. It is YOUR JOB to take advantage of these opportunities available that will help to train you as a future youth leader in your home country.

Your year in America is a chance to experience new things, new lifestyles, new ideas, a new culture, and the “real America”. As a result, you will become a Global Citizen with an increased understanding and appreciation of the interconnectedness of the world. The opportunities, or enhancement activities World Link provides you will come to be one of your most valuable possessions that you brought back home from your exchange program.


During your exchange year, you will have the opportunity to complete activities designed to build your leadership skills through World Link's PAL Advanced Leadership Training Program. To receive a PAL certificate at the end of the year, you must complete the following: 

All World Link Students are required to:

  • Join a school or community club
  • By March 31st: Volunteer at least 30 Community Service Hours (Turn in ‘My Monthly Activities’ to be counted.)
  • In November: Give 1 presentation set up by the student during International Education Week (IEW).
  • During Year: Keep grade point average a 3.0 or higher to stay in good academic standing.
  • During Year: Build strong ties with host families and American peers.

Students on the PAL Program are ALSO required to:

  • During Year: Join at least one school or community leadership club and stay active in it.
  • In November: Give 1 presentation set up by the student during International Education Week (IEW). Submit the IEW Form to be entered into World Link's IEW Competition.
  • February: Submit a Diversity Appreciation Activity for World Link’s Diversity Appreciation Competition.
  • April: Organize and implement a Global Youth Service Day Project in the host community. All projects completed on time and reported will be considered for World Link’s Top Ten GYSD Project Competition.

blue-ribbon-hiStudents who complete the PAL Program and in the top 10% will be invited to the PAL-Top Ten Workshop.
Note: The number of participants and location of the workshop is contingent on funding.

We encourage all students to complete the PAL Program to get the most benefits out of our program and their exchange year. This program is designed to help students become successful alumni and leaders.

State Department Volunteer Service Award:

All World Link students are eligible to receive the State Department Volunteer Service Award. To receive this award, a student must volunteer for 100 hours of community service and have reported those hours on their “My Monthly Activities” forms which were properly submitted each month. Students who have successfully completed the 100-hour requirement will receive this award at the end of the exchange year.