National Staff

Curtis Stutzman - President

Curtis Stutzman

Kalona, IA

Lana Stutzman - National Program Manager

Lana Stutzman

National Program Director
Kalona, IA

Jennifer Beamer - National Progarm Assistant

Jennifer Beamer

National Program Assistant
Colorado Springs, CO

Kristin Taylor - National Program Officer

Kristin Taylor

National Program Officer
Madison, WI

Holly Nichols - Western Regional Coordinator

Holly Nichols

Regional Coordinator- Western
Colorado Springs, CO

Karen King-Fitzgerald - Regional Program Manager Eastern

Karen King-Fitzgerald

Regional Program Manager - Eastern
Adel, IA

Local Coordinators


Michelle Pattillo - Dinuba, Reedley, Kingsburg, CA Local Coordinator

Michelle Pattillo

Angela Valenzuela - Hanford, Lemoore, CA Local Coordinator

Angela Valenzuela

Margie Wilhelm - Local Coordinator, Hanford CA

Margie Wilhelm

Amanda Stannard - Local Coordinator; Visalia, CA

Amanda Stannard

Katie Irwin - Kern County, CA Local Coordinator

Katie Irwin


Theresa Gittleman - Central CO Local Coordinator

Theresa Gittleman

Monica Whelan - Central CO Local Coordinator

Monica Whelan

Sara Milliken - Central Colorado Local Coordinator

Sara Milliken

Kim Campbell - Northern CO Local Coordinator

Kim Campbell


Cyndi Oberle-Damn - Southwest IL Local Coordinator

Cyndi Oberle-Dahm


Kelly Rooney-Kozak - Central IA Local Coordinator

Kelly Rooney-Kozak

Jonda Berg - Central IA Local Coordinator

Jonda Berg

Holly Powell - Central IA Local Coordinator

Holly Powell

Tammy Ryan - Central IA Local Coordinator

Tammy Ryan

Holly Beinhart - Southeast IA Local Coordiantor

Holly Beinhart

Janice Kirsch - Clear Lake, Iowa Local Coordinator

Janice Kirsch


Theresa Abbo-Mashni - Michigan Local Coordinator

Theresa Abbo-Mashni


Jen Howard - Central CO Local Coordinator

Jen Howard


Pam Hamilton - OH Local Coordinator

Pam Hamilton


Brooke Perkins - Lubbock, TX Local Coordinator

Brooke Perkins

Jenny Brownlow - Amarillo, TX Local Coordinator

Jenny Brownlow

Cathy Shipley, Local Coordinator West Texas

Cathy Shipley

Christopher Gereke - Local Coordinator Spring, TX

Christopher Gereke

World Link is an international student exchange and development organization with programs sponsored by public support.